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Behind the Crunch

Picture it. Charleston 2013.

Freshly “retired” from the classroom and living back at my childhood home with my son and my wonderful elderly parents.

Slightly dazed and anxious at how my life changed so drastically in the blink of an eye so I go to my safe space...the kitchen.

I begin to make aromas fill the air like I used to for the sake of knowing I am not defeated and still have a lot to offer to this world. 
I revisit some recipes I used in my Atlanta classroom where I taught students with learning challenges reading comprehension, math, time management, and leadership skills to name a few of the suggested life skills everyone should have. The food is amazing and I find comfort in each dish. I let folks know I have some goodies for sell.

Next thing I know, I’m packing a backpack and meeting customers at gas stations wearing my black hoodie in the middle of December like I’m “pushin’ weight”. And I love it.  
Someone makes a comment that I got them acting like cr@ckheads and I say AHT AHT! Don’t say that cuz I don’t neeeeed no warrants! More like CrunchHeads! 
And that’s how the party got started!

All I wanna do is bring a smile to your face to help you remember the good days when life was simple and happy. So don’t mind me if I name products after some of my fondest moments in my life which happen to be the 90s and a smidgen of the 70s and 80s. Take a walk with me.

Memory Lane has never been so delicious! Chew it for Da Culture!✊🏾

Thank you for your business.